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WELCOME TO KHLOE’S KITTENS CATTERY!   We are a private in home cat breeder located in Essex County New Jersey (20 minutes from New York City and 1.5 hours from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).

My name is Jo Ann and I have been very blessed to be able to live my dream as a cat breeder breeding Persian, Himalayan and Exotic kittens for many years.  This is not a hobby or just a business to me.  It is my passion.  The kittens health and well being are my number one priority above anything else. All my parents are fully vaccinated, and are negative for felv/fiv/pkd, ringworm negative and flea-free.  We are a cageless in home cattery. Khloes Kittens is dedicated and focused on the health and well being of our cats and kittens, and the promotion of the Persian, Himalayan, Exotic shorthair and Exotic Longhair breeds. Our kittens are bred and raised in a loving home environment with very personal attention throughout, and we are devoted to placing them in forever homes where we will have confidence they will be loved, cared for and can thrive. The kittens are raised around my young children and a large german shepherd, so they are very well socialized and have amazingly friendly temperaments by the time they go to their forever homes.  At Khloes Kittens, we have  kittens for sale yet so much more. These kittens are our babies and are a part of our family until they go home to you. We are dedicated to nurturing healthy, happy, beautiful kittens, and preparing them to become a treasured member of your family.  All kittens pictured on our website are of our past kittens.  We do not touchup or photoshop any pictures of our kittens. (more information below)

F2F2F942-5F18-4F70-A728-EB3CBA25E276The kittens cannot leave our cattery until they are completely weaned off their mom, eating both wet/dry food, drinking water, litter and scratching post trained, and are well socialized. (between 7-8 weeks old).  Every cat breeder has their own opinion on when kittens should be able to leave the cattery.  I personally feel if the baby is already on it’s own in terms of eating, drinking, using the litter box, scratching post, and is well socialized it is better that the kitten bonds with the new family instead of us.  It is also nice that the new family gets to enjoy that phase of the kitten’s life as well.  The kittens are sold as indoor pets only and come with a contract which states a health guarantee. Keep scrolling below for more information. 

D170E5EE-7C9E-43C7-B4B3-AAF301950512If you are ready to reserve your new family member you can email, or text me however I can not agree to the sale of any kitten unless I speak to the individual who the kitten will be residing with. (same person will drop off their $300 kitten deposit when the kitten is 3-4 weeks of age, sign the purchase agreement, and pickup up their kitten at 7-8 weeks of age and sign their kitten contract) Serious inquiries only please.  My telephone number is (201)398-6766 & my email is khloeskittens@yahoo.com  We are available for calls or texts between 8am-9pm. More information below…

6087300A-F6FD-489B-90B0-BD60835B9B5FYou can click the menu tab(scroll up to the top of the page) then click the available kittens tab to see kittens for sale now or which type we are expecting and when.  You can also view pictures of our past kittens by going to the menu bar). Keep scrolling 😺

F27B4242-74BD-4211-8677-149AE0363291The types of kittens for sale that we work with are Seal point, Blue point, Flame point, Cream point, Tortoiseshell point, Blue-Cream Point, various colored Lynx points, Chocolate point , Lilac point himalayans and Persians, exotic shorthairs, and exotic long hairs as well.   Prices range from $1200-$2500.  The pricing varies depending on type, coloring, rarity of the coat colors or color patterns, facial structure, larger eyes etc).  We also offer a Priority waiting list program which guarantees you a kitten from an upcoming litter for an additional fee. Feel free to call or text between 8am-9pm to get more information.  Anyone looking for a “cheaper” kitten may want to consider your local humane society or animal shelter. (keep scrolling)

BD950980-35AD-4CB0-86A4-8DA77BEC45A3We breed both the traditional doll-face (pointy) and flat-faced Persian and Himalayan kittens and all of our babies have blue eyes only.  We also have exotics which their eyes are larger and rounder. (you can click the past kittens tab on the menu bar to see the types of kittens we have had in the past). More info below…


We NEVER Inbreed, line breed, NOR over breed, we do NOT stud out our males NOR do we allow outside males to mate with our females.  We are EXTREMELY opposed to kitten mills. As previously stated the health and well-being of all our Persian, Himalayan, and Exotic cats and kittens is our number one priority. Keep scrolling 😸

DC44330B-2F43-42D6-B943-3E1537D34378Prior to you getting your new furbaby we will help you get prepared by letting you know beforehand which food to buy, what litter we use, scratching post etc.  Some breeders charge an additional fee for your new kitten to be bathed prior to leaving their cattery. We do this free of charge. More information below…

201378FF-36DA-4702-BA94-E423CF1F2F57We do personally deliver our babies to you for a fee(the fee depends on your location and we only deliver up to three hours away) We do not ship by air etc as we personally feel it can traumatize a kitten and affect the kitten’s personality. Keep scrolling…

B4DA8664-C437-4871-8DC0-6EDA75B83861Once a Khloes Kittens cat is placed in a home, that home becomes part of the Khloes Kittens extended family.  Khloes Kittens parents are encouraged and welcome to call us any time for simple advice or questions about their kitty.  More information below 😺

E69B006A-540E-4C49-869A-A907D1366BCEAdvice and Guidance:  While Khloes Kittens Cattery graciously provides information gleaned from public sources about the care of kittens/cats as a service to our customers, we are not providing a medical service.  (It is a pet owner’s responsibility to contact a veterinarian for any medical issues). Keep scrolling..

71045726-EF69-4B5C-873E-EBF6D64526E2For contact info:

We are happy to answer any inquiries on Persian , Himalayan and Exotic kittens and to also go over the process of purchasing one of our babies.  Feel free to e-mail me, Jo Ann at: khloeskittens@yahoo.com or call me at (201)398-6766 between 8am-9pm. Our Persian, Himalayan and Exotic kittens are very Sweet and Fluffy with a wonderful “purrrsonality” to match it! They are looking forward to meeting you and find their loving forever home.*More info below*5593446A-6B8C-4B46-B8CA-513A6217483C* Khloes Kittens is NOT a pet store or adoption agency.  We are not open to the general public to where people can just come walk in and look around. We are a private in home cat breeder.  I want to ensure the best homes for my babies therefore all kittens are sold solely at my discretion. I reserve the right of refusal to sell to anyone at any time for any reason.  We are devoted to placing our kittens only in responsible and loving homes.

6B57BE58-9F2D-443C-AE6F-5470D6236084Rude, aggressive and disrespectful people will NOT be considered!

0522D5EB-E48E-4BA2-B9A7-DC5EBBCD3EF5*** I do NOT sell to pet shops or third-party buyer(s) for resale and we do NOT sell our kittens with breeding rights. We sell our kittens as pets ONLY. Our goal is to bring joy into our customer’s lives and also have the kitten placed in a home to where we know they will be loved, cared for and have a wonderful life. More info below…

C29427B6-EC90-42A0-8316-D5E380142503Declawing: Per our contract, our kittens/cats are NOT allowed to be declawed.  Besides being inhumane, it can set up a kitten or cat for undue stress which could lead to the deadly disease of FIP.   Keep scrolling…

EA36353C-1A9D-4EEE-941F-AFD4D17FD222Please note-we do not accept deposits until our kittens are at least three weeks old to ensure the kittens are healthy and thriving first.(kitten mortality rate differs from humans)

B570EB23-F0CC-44EE-8331-1CC3BA543494A kitten is a long term commitment, so please be sure you are ready, willing and able to care for your cat as all deposits are non-refundable.  (In the rare event that between the time a deposit is received and the time the kitten leaves we see there is an issue with your kitten then we will absolutely refund 100% of your deposit.  We provide you with a receipt for your deposit and a copy of your signed and dated Khloes Kittens terms and purchase agreement and you receive a receipt for your balance paid at pickup along with your kitten contract. (Our terms and purchase agreement and our kitten contract in its entirety is available upon request). Keep Scrolling 😺

F97D2549-9157-4D52-B2E8-F15751CC536DPlease be advised that it is your responsibility to know whether or not you or a family member in your household is allergic to cats or not, and if you are a renter and your landlord does not allow pets this is your responsibility to know beforehand. These are NOT valid reasons for a refund. If you are unsure we highly suggest that you or your family member be tested prior to securing a kitten with your non-refundable deposit or speak to your landlord first.     Keep scrolling….
*We provide you your kitten pickup date weeks in advance so you have an ample amount of time to make your vet appointment. My contract states you need to get your cat/kitten into the vet within 3 calendar days of your kitten pickup in order to be covered by the health guarantee. (Pickup day is considered day one. We suggest picking up early and have your vet appointment be that same day).  It is your responsibility as the new pet owner to get your kitten into the vet within that timeframe. There will be no exceptions to this rule. (our contract in its entirety is available upon request). In the event a kitten has a health issue most breeders don’t give refunds but only allow you to get a replacement kitten. I personally do not agree with this. We believe that should be the customer’s choice, so we would absolutely give a 100% full refund in the unlikely event within those 3 days your vet states there is a serious issue with your baby.

1C48B6CD-50D7-4425-956F-30B06F4990C7(if you scroll back up, click the menu bar and click the available kittens tab you can see what kittens are currently available or the type of kittens we are expecting in the near future. You can also view our past kittens from the menu bar as well)

BDEAEF76-5D02-4C06-97AC-D3A81A099C2D*Boarding:  Buyer will be charged a boarding fee of $12.00 per day for each day that a kitten stays beyond the date that the kitten is eligible to leave. (to be fair we give our customers a months notice in advance on the date the kitten can leave to go to it’s forever home. Because we understand everyone has different schedules and things going on in their lives we give three days (usually fri evenings, Saturday or Sunday for pickups) beyond that is when we start charging a boarding fee. (You would need to check with us to see if boarding is available at that time). More information below…

A00C93E9-FD71-4624-9759-9F7A21F3D7F6*Khloe’s Kittens has the express right to cancel a sale with a purchaser, if at any time prior to the kitten leaving the cattery, Khloes Kittens determines that the placement of a kitten with the purchaser will be harmful in any way to the kitten or Khloes Kittens.  All monies paid to Khloes Kittens towards the purchase price of the kitten, will be refunded to the purchaser if Khloes Kittens cancels this contract under this clause.

5F1EEF00-FC68-487D-B9B4-974556265875*We do not provide papers with our kittens as we are selling them as pets ONLY with NO breeding rights. (In liu of we do provide a legally binding contract stating the breed, coloring, date of birth, health guarantee, parent’s information, etc)

6C82127F-57A6-44CD-9484-F8FF889B1D5F**We ABSOLUTELY do NOT sell to current breeders or anyone that plans on breeding under ANY circumstances.  I take this very serious as breeding any animal comes with great responsibility.  Yes, this is a business, however all my parents are my pets first and treat all our kittens as if they were our very own up until the minute they are picked up or delivered to their new families. We put their health and safety above all as we love them dearly and we wouldn’t know if other breeders or potential breeders would meet our standards in love and care we give all our animals.  If you are a breeder or potential breeder please do NOT inquire on purchasing one of our kittens. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

A0026789-F991-4FC6-8CBB-E1A10F80C06FPlease see our available kittens page for additional information and policies(click the menu bar on the top of the page then click the available kittens tab) Recently it has been brought to my attention that other breeders are telling customers that they are affiliated with Khloes Kittens to make a sale. This is absolutely false. We are NOT associated with any other breeder or gift card companies. All kitten sales are done directly through Khloe’s Kittens.

D1940FC5-F466-470D-946C-B61E15DF5D7B(Please be advised my facebook link is not working at this time)

Jo Ann – owner of Khloes Kittens – new jersey cat breeder

Telephone# (201)398-6766  Our business hours are from 8am-9pm.  Thank you.

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