Welcome to Khloes Kittens Cattery.  We are located in Essex County New Jersey (5 minutes from the Willowbrook mall in Wayne- 15 minutes from New York City/1.5 hours from Philadelphia, PA.

I have been a cat breeder breeding Persian and Himalayan kittens for quite some time.  The kittens health and well being are my number one priority above anything else. All my parents are fully vaccinated and have been tested for all diseases (pkd/fiv/felv) are ring worm negative and flea free.  We are a cageless in home cattery. Khloes Kittens is focused on the health and well being of our cats and kittens, and the promotion of the Persian and Himalayan breeds. Our kittens are bred and raised in a loving home environment with very personal attention throughout, and we are dedicated to placing them in forever homes where we will have confidence they will be loved, cared for and can thrive. The kittens are raised around my young children and many other animals so they are very well socialized and have an amazingly friendly temperament by the time they go to their forever homes. At Khloes Kittens, we have kittens for sale, yet so much more. These kittens are our babies and are a part of our family until they go home to you. We are dedicated to nurturing healthy, happy, and beautiful kittens, and preparing them to become a treasured member of your family.  The kittens cannot leave the cattery until they are completely weaned off their mom, litter-trained and are socialized. They are sold as indoor pets only and come with a contract which states a health guarantee. If you are ready to reserve your new family member you can email, or text me however I can not agree to the sale of any kitten unless I speak to the individual who the kitten will be residing with.  Serious inquiries only please. My telephone number is (201)398-6766.

The types of kittens for sale that we work with are Seal point, Blue point, Flame point, Cream point, Tortie point, Blue Cream Point, various Lynx points and Chocolate point himalayans and Persians.  Prices range from $900-$2000.  We breed both doll and flat-faced Persian and Himalayan kittens and all of our babies have blue eyes only.   (if you scroll back up, click the menu bar and click the available kittens tab you can see what kittens are currently available or the type of kittens we are expecting in the near future)

We NEVER Inbreed nor over breed, and we do NOT stud out our males.  As previously stated the health and well-being of our babies is our number one priority.

We do deliver for a fee(the fee depends on your location) We do not ship as we personally feel it can traumatize a kitten and affect the kitten’s personality.

Once a Khloes Kittens cat is placed in a home, that home becomes part of the Khloes Kittens extended family.  Khloes Kittens parents are encouraged and welcome to call anytime for advice or questions about their kitty.

For contact info:

We are happy to answer any inquiries on Persian and Himalayan kittens.  Feel free to e-mail me, Jo Ann at: khloeskittens@yahoo.com or call anytime at (201)398-6766.  Our Persian and Himalayan kittens are very Sweet and Fluffy with a wonderful “purrrsonality” to match it! They are looking forward to meeting you and find their loving forever home.

Jo Ann- Persian and Himalayan Cat Breeder

* Khloes Kittens is NOT a pet shop. I want to ensure the best homes for my babies therefore all kittens are sold solely at my discretion. I reserve the right of refusal to sell to anyone at any time for any reason.

*Please note-we do not accept deposits until the kittens are at least three weeks old to ensure the kittens are healthy and thriving.   A kitten is a long term commitment, so please be sure you are ready, willing and able to care for your cat as all deposits are non-refundable.

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