*Please note- when kitten pictures are taken we zoom in, so you can see details of the coloring, but kittens are smaller in person when they leave our cattery.  Kittens come in both doll face (pointy) and flat face.  All our kittens have blue eyes only. 

099E860A-10CD-43B2-B0D4-FECDE2184D17CHOCOLATE POINT (This type is due to be born mid June). 

659CF4EC-2F14-4A98-A65D-125E90FEA21FLYNX POINT (comes in various colorings such as seal, blue, flame, chocolate & tortie with the lynx markings. This is a Seal Lynx kitten).


5C614812-F1E1-4E2F-8B69-392D93FE9BCAEXOTIC PERSIAN (this particular Exotic is shorthair and is of seal lynx point point coloring, but can also come in seal, flame, blue, chocolate and tortie point colorings).

E451620B-E5DD-40E2-A046-01C597F69105SEAL POINT

C1247F38-4469-4987-A0FB-FF0443828D2ALILAC POINT

0B0BE5D0-F98B-4192-B5EF-B17985471685FLAME POINT(these only come in males only)


***Kittens can leave 7 weeks after birth* VIP program is only offered when our waiting lists exceeds the amount of kittens that we have available (with this program we allow just one customer per litter to be called first). Please be mindful that the more flexible you are on coloring, sex, facial structure, breed type etc the quicker you would be able to get a kitten.  The more limited you are the longer the wait may be. Please feel free to call (201)398-6766 with any questions you may have between the hours of 8am-9pm.  Serious inquiries only please. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE- We MUST speak to all potential customers prior to agreeing to the sale of any of our kittens and it must be someone that will actually be residing with the kitten. (Must be an adult 18 & over). We don’t require or agree with written applications because we at Khloe’s Kittens would much rather verbally interact with our potential customers.  Once the kittens are born we start calling our customers on our waiting lists. We strongly suggest you add us to your contacts in your phone, so when we start calling you do not miss your opportunity. (if we can not get a hold of you we will continue on down our waiting list).


Please also note- I can not control what cats mate to make what colorings, what sex is born or how many kittens are born in a litter.

***Khloe’s Kittens is NOT a pet store or like an adoption agency that is open to the general public. We are a private cat breeder. (The only times customers visit the cattery is at deposit time to meet your kitten and again at kitten pickup- more information below in regards to our process). I want to ensure the best homes for my babies therefore all kittens are sold solely at my discretion. I reserve the right of refusal to sell to anyone at any time for any reason.***

You can also call or text (201)398-6766 with any questions you may have between the hours of 8am-9pm only.  Serious inquiries only please.


*Before a prospective owner starts searching for a pedigreed Persian, Himalayan, or Exotic kitten they must realize that good quality kittens do not come cheap.  For those looking for a “cheap” kitten you may want to try your local humane society or animal shelter. While you can find breeders selling kittens at a low pricing, I am confident you will not find higher quality ones and in my opinion you get what you pay for.  Cheaper is not always better.  Low pricing may indicate that a breeder does not care about the parents and are not investing in having their parents tested, vaccinated which in turn may cause unhealthy kittens.  Saving a few hundred initially may just cost you thousands in vet bills later. 


Any professional good reputable cat breeder will provide a contract covering the kitten’s health as well as providing receipts for both the deposits and balances paid.  A lot of cat breeders will not make you aware that their contracts will state you have a certain period of time to get your kitten into the veterinarian in order to be covered by your contract’s health guarantee and will spring this information on you at pickup.  On most occasions kittens are reserved weeks in advance and we can then provide you your kitten pickup date so you have an ample amount of time to make your veterinarian appointment. (*However, on some occasion where kittens become available last minute due to cancellations etc and you can not get in to see a veterinarian at a regular doctor’s office we strongly recommend going to a veterinary walk in clinic so you will be covered under the kitten contract’s health guarantee). Prior to your kitten leaving us we can give you our recommendations on what we think should be done on your kitten’s first vet visit, but ultimately it is up to you as the new pet owner.   We strongly suggest you consult with your veterinarian in regards to decisions of what vaccinations to do and when, deworming, the various types of testing ex: blood, urine, fecal, heart, etc. to be done on the FIRST vet visit. We encourage you to also do your own research.


We accept $300 deposits in person when you meet your kitten when they reach 3-4 weeks of age and sign your purchase agreement-which you receive a signed copy of as well as a receipt for your deposit paid. We normally try and give our customers a choice of 3 days of when they can bring their deposit and meet their kitten. Appointments made should be kept(and please be on time for your appointment) and If deposits are not given within those 3 days, unfortunately we would have to continue on down our waiting list.  Deposits are not transferrable from one litter to another. No exceptions.  Most breeders will not tell you that the kitten mortality rate differs from humans and take deposits prior to kittens even being born. I strongly disagree with this and I myself would never do it.  We like to wait until kittens are passed the main critical period before taking any deposits.  We do send you weekly pictures of your kitten from birth up until the week of pickup so you can be part of your kitten’s life from early on and see them grow. *Please note-we do not accept deposits until our kittens are about 3 weeks old once we see the kittens are healthy and thriving.  A kitten is a long term commitment, so please be sure you are ready, willing and able to care for your cat as all deposits are non-refundable. We accept this nonrefundable deposit from families as a show of their good faith that they are committed to purchase a kitten from our cattery. (If between the time a deposit is received and the time the kitten leaves we see there is an issue with your kitten then we will absolutely refund 100% of your deposit immediately- this is the only reason for a deposit refund). I constantly have customers telling me how another “breeder” took half or all of the kitten price only to never be heard from again. I personally would not give a deposit without meeting the kitten in person first as there are a great deal of scammers out there. There are more online scammers than there are actual breeders. BE CAREFUL!  Do your due diligence prior to purchasing a kitten. * You will receive a copy of your signed kitten contract and a receipt of your balance paid at kitten pickup. 

*Due to covid at deposit time and at pickup I will wear a mask at your request and social distance if you would feel more comfortable.  We also provide hand sanitizer. (Visits only take approximately 15 minutes or so).

*Some cat breeders use the selling point that their kittens are vaccinated prior to leaving.  I feel that only a licensed veterinarian should be administering vaccinations to any cat or kitten and at the appropriate age. I do not vaccinate my kittens as I am a cat breeder and not a veterinarian.  In my personal opinion as well as many other conservative veterinarians vaccinations, deworming or altering your kitten too soon can affect a cat’s lifespan and overall health.   Many factors can affect a cat’s lifespan/well being and it is very important to be well educated.  I advise you to do your own research on the vaccinations, deworming, as well as altering a kitten etc and make your own informed decisions.  What is equally as important as purchasing a kitten from a good breeder is also having a good veterinarian.(Ask family, friends or coworkers what vet they use and if they have had a positive experience, read reviews on the vet and their practice, call and ask questions etc).


*Please be advised that it is your responsibility to know whether or not you or a family member in your household is allergic to cats or not, and if you are a renter and your landlord does not allow pets this is your responsibility to know beforehand. These are NOT valid reasons for a refund. If you are unsure we highly suggest that you or your family member be tested prior to securing a kitten with your non-refundable deposit or speak to your landlord first.

*We do not provide registration papers with our kittens as we are selling them as pets ONLY with NO breeding rights. (In lieu of we do provide a legally binding contract stating the breed, coloring, date of birth, health guarantee, parents information etc) WE DO NOT SELL TO BREEDERS OR THOSE WHO PLAN ON BREEDING.  NO EXCEPTIONS! If you give a deposit and we find out you are a breeder you will lose your deposit and not get a kitten.  I take this very serious as breeding any animal comes with great responsibility.  Yes, this is a business, however all my parents are my pets first and treat all our kittens as if they were our very own up until the minute they are picked up or delivered to their new families. We put their health and safety above all as we love them dearly and we wouldn’t know if other breeders or potential breeders would meet our standards in love and care we give all our animals. 

*We do not cage at our cattery or ship our kittens as I truly believe this can affect their personalities and can become quite skittish. (I believe most airlines will not allow the transportation of these breeds anyway due to facial structure and the risk of death while traveling by air). We do deliver for a fee, however the fee depends on the location(we only deliver up to 3 hours away, however you would need to check with us about availability).

*Declawing: Per our contract, our kittens/cats are not allowed to be declawed.  Besides being inhumane, it can set up a kitten or cat for undue stress which could lead to the deadly disease of FIP.  Also, if a kitten/cat that is declawed gets out of your house it will not be able to defend itself against other animals if it were to get attacked. 

*Indoor only: Per our contract, our kittens are required to be indoor kittens/cats only. If you can not abide by this requirement, please do not buy one of our kittens.  We love each and every one of our kittens and want them to live healthy, happy, safe and long lives.  Having an outdoor kitten/cat greatly diminishes their life expectancy as well as the quality of their life.

*Khloe’s Kittens has the express right to cancel a Sales Contract with a purchaser, if at any time prior to the kitten leaving, Khloe’s Kittens determines that the placement of a kitten with the purchaser will be harmful in any way to the kitten or Khloe’s Kittens.  All monies paid to Khloe’s Kittens towards the purchase price of the kitten will be refunded to the purchaser if Khloe’s Kittens cancels this contract under this clause.

Recently it has been brought to my attention that other breeders are telling customers that they are affiliated with Khloe’s Kittens to make a sale. This is absolutely false. We are NOT affiliated with any other breeder or gift card companies. All kitten sales are done directly through Khloe’s Kittens.

*Once a Khloe’s Kittens kitten is placed in a home, that home becomes part of the Khloe’s Kittens extended family.  Khloe’s Kittens parents are encouraged and welcome to call anytime for simple advice or questions about their kitty.  We are here for you for the remainder of your kitten’s life.

Advice and Guidance While Khloe’s Kittens Cattery graciously provides information gleaned from public sources about the care of kittens/cats as a service to our customers, we are NOT providing a medical service. If your cat or kitten has any health issues you should contact your veterinarian. 


There is NO such thing as a TEACUP Persians or Himalayans. Breeders advertise this and add the word “teacup” in front of Persian or Himalayan to make it appealing and also may charge outrageous prices.  What this basically is, is dishonest breeders selling the runts of the litter. (The Cat Fanciers’ Association has no such breed listed)  All my adult parents weigh 6-8lbs on average. Besides genetics the size of a cat is also determined by diet.  At deposit time we do provide an information sheet on food/feeding instructions, litter we use, as well as other helpful information and tips. This is especially helpful and beneficial to customers who have never owned a cat.

* You can access pictures of our past kittens from the menu bar above.

Jo Ann-Owner of Khloe’s Kittens-

*Feel free to contact me during the hours of 8am-9pm with any questions you may have. telephone # (201)398-6766

email:   khloeskittens@yahoo.com

*prices may subject to change as well as waiting list types.  Feel free to call for detailed information on pricing/waiting lists and our whole process.


1) Are the parents vaccinated by and seen by a veterinarian? If they say no to either of these questions, or they say they personally vaccinate their own kittens, walk away.

2) Have your cats been tested for Feline Leukemia & FIV? If they say no, walk away.

3) Were any cats found positive for Feline Leukemia & FIV? If they say yes, walk away.

*FELV – Similar But Not Identical To FIV disease, feline leukemia virus (FELV). The two diseases do share a lot in common, but there are also some important differences to consider. Both diseases are caused by viruses, as their names imply, and the end result of infection is a weakened immune system.

4) Have all of your queens and sires been tested for PKD? If they say no, walk away.

5)Were any of your cats found positive for PKD? If they say yes, walk away.

*PKD is a terminal disease, usually striking between the ages of 5 to 8 years of age. Healthy indoor cats that are regularly seen by a veterinarian can easily live to be 17 and older. This disease is cutting their life expectancy by more than half.

6) If I purchase a feline and have it tested for PKD & it comes out positive, what recourse do I have? If they say none, walk away.

(PKD is hereditary. Therefore it was caused by a PKD Positive parent. This means they are breeding PKD positive felines. As such, they should exchange the animal or allow you to return it for a full refund)All our parents here are negative.

7) Are you a closed cattery/breeder? A closed cattery/breeder means the cats in the cattery are not exposed to any cats outside of that cattery. This means they don’t stud their males out to other breeders, and they don’t allow their females to be bred with males outside their own cattery/home. Most closed catteries/breeder won’t even show their cats in competitions. Closed catteries would love to have their cats championed. However, they won’t risk their felines’ health. It is very important to know if the cattery/home is open or closed. There are many infectious diseases and skin funguses passed between felines. Feline Leukemia, FIV, and Ringworm are just a few to mention. The only protection one has of purchasing a cat or kitten that has not been exposed to these contagious diseases and skin funguses is by purchasing them through a closed cattery. (We are a closed cattery – meaning we do not stud out our males and don’t allow outside males to mate with our dams nor do we participate in competitions etc)

8) Has your cattery/home been treated for ringworm within the last year? If the answer is yes, then you will need to read the information below to make your own decision as to what you should do.

*RINGWORM- It is not a worm! It is a skin fungus that spreads easily to both animals and humans. That is to say that it is zoonotic. Many cats in the show world have it. It is spread very quickly & effortlessly. Once you have it in your household, not only do you have to treat your cats and check yourself for it (yes, humans get it too), but you must sanitize the environment that you and the cats live in. Ringworm spores are connected to the hair follicles and skin dander. They fall off the animal and drop or float wherever they land. Ringworm spores can lie dormant for up to a year before finding a new host. Therefore, it can run into a cycle. You may clear it up and think you’re rid of it and a few months later get re-infected. Thus, ringworm is disastrous and extremely difficult to get rid of. If a breeder says he or she doesn’t have it in his/her cattery/home, yet treats all of the cats for it, They probably have it.

9) What age do you allow your kittens to leave their mothers? Kittens should not leave their mothers before 7 weeks of age. If a breeder says any younger than 7 weeks of age, then walk away and find another breeder. (Kittens need to be eating both wet and dry food/drinking water on their own, using the litter box properly and be well socialized. They need to be completely done with nursing off their mom.)

10) Are your cats caged? I personally feel cats do not belong in cages. Cats are free roaming animals that need exercise and mental stimulation. Cats that are caged can lose their muscle tone and ability to move properly. Eventually, they become mentally frustrated and exhibit behavior problems. Some of these behaviors are not using their litter box, constant meowing, scratching, or biting, being too rough with humans, extreme fear, etc. Kittens often copy the behavior of the older cats. Copy Cat was termed as such because cats copy each other. Therefore, if the adult felines exhibit this behavior, the behavior will become imprinted on the kittens who are being raised by and around them.

NEVER ever purchase from a breeder that makes you feel strange or uncomfortable about asking these or any questions. These are legitimate questions that all prospective clients should ask. If a breeder makes you feel uncomfortable about asking them, then he or she probably has something to hide. We here at Khloe’s Kittens welcome and encourage any and all questions-between the hours of 8am-9pm.

Jo Ann-Owner of Khloe’s Kittens-

telephone # (201)398-6766 (our business hours are 8am-9pm)

email:   khloeskittens@yahoo.com

©️Khloe’s Kittens/All rights reserved


Chocolate point & Seal Point Kittens(so you can see the difference between the two)


persian cat